Friday, 29 February 2008

Wandsworth movement and light

I had the idea that I would take some photos from a bridge overlooking this roundabout, with a view of Wandsworth Bridge, the river, McDonals etc etc. Small snag though, discovered this evening that the bridge is a railway brige only. This was a broen down bus in the middle of a very busy roundabout!

The Post Van seemed to create a lot of light energy. Nice to know there is still something in the Royal Mail that has a smidgeon of energy left.

and down to Wandsworth Town Station to collect the boys. . .got a few funny looks from the commuters setting this shot up!

Sunday, 24 February 2008

Light Trails on the M6 motorway

Two light trails on the M6 motorway, specially posted here for Jen.

Saturday, 23 February 2008

Huffing and Puffing around London

As a child I spent many many hours in this cathedral, as my baby brother was a chorister there. I have not returned for many years, but thought that I could remember some nice views from the top... so armed with a camer, I slowly (oh very slowly) started my ascent. About 450 steps later I think I arrived at the Golden gallery. I know I was hallucinating a little after all the stairs I had climbed, not to mention the vertigo from the 'see through' wrought iron steps at the last. The strong wind and drizzle was a good slap in the face though, and I'm glad I had one. The views of London were superb, on a sunny day there can be few better views in London. This is the City, right on St Paul's doorstep. I had not realised there was so much building going on. . .

and views of the Southbank, The Tate Modern and the Globe theatre right the other side of the Milennium (aka wobbly, even though it isn't any more. . . )bridge.

Way in the distance, through the haze, you can see my usual stamping ground, the London Eye and Hungerford Bridge.

Back on terra firma, the sun began to peer through. One hilarious wag, suggested I pop back up to take some more shots. If there had been enough oxygen in my system to get to any of my muscles, I would have belted him!

and I have entitled this one the View from (under) the Bridge, (Blackfriars that is!)

These lamps fascinate me, and I thik I will return soon with the sole intention of capturing these properly. This was a bit of an afterthought which nearly worked.

Heading at speed to familiar territory now, I am back at teh Southbank proper. This area changes weekly, although sad to say the smell does not.

and as not set of London pix would be complete without one, here is the London Eye, just for a change.

Swans swans swans

The whooper swans fly south from Iceland every October and spend the winter in Northern Egland, Scotland and Ireland. Come March when they have fattened nicely they all fly back to Iceland (not with BA who don't fly there anymore... but don't get me started on how much I hate them for THAT decision). Approximately 1400 of the swans chose to winter at Martin Mere, although by the time I pitched up yesterday many of them had begun the flight home. The swans looked so wonderful on the lake, and I think I must have taken about 200 photograps of them. Surely, surely, not even I could cock up 200 photographs. It seems as though I could. Although in my defence it was very windy, cold and attempting to drizzle. Aaah well they'll be back next year. - This is my feeble best.....
This one made me laugh because I didn't notice until I looked at the photos on the screen that this swan had completely crash landed, and was using the poor swan it landed on as some sort of airbag. . . . I hope there was no harm done

and here, a shelduck lands on the swan, although I am imagining this wasn't quite as painful or as shocking as having a swan land on you out of the blue!

Northern Classy birds

Hmmmmm, I am very ashamed to say I don't know what this is, although I might hazard a guess and say an American Green Winged Teal? Please don't laugh people in the know!However it is the one and only shot that I am truly pleased with from the day.

I really love this picture... although I would have liked more clarity on the shelduck. The colour of the grass in the background, is sory of a burnt umber and it contrasts so beautifully with the brown in the shelduck's feathers. I am nearly quite pleased with this one (Oh be still my beating heart!)

Some greylag geese also wanted in on the free food, I think Hilda Ogden would have been proud of this 'muriel' and one of them alone against the wonderful burnt umber colour again

and another shelduck!

The flamingos were bathing! Similar to pelicans, they do not have much of an ecological sense of duty on water conservation! However they do look quite impressive

and what's a flamingo to do when there is no towel left on the towel rail??

Friday, 22 February 2008

Up North - the best (?) of the rest

Many ignorant Londoners think this is a typical Northern view... but actually I like it, I am not sure why I have made it B&W, but it seemed like a good idea at the time

This was a stop the car moment, the trees looked wonderful with the leaves on the floor and the lichen on the bark.. as ever I could not do them justice
You know that I love these traffic shots, but also I quickly get bored taking them (not to mention cold) so I am afraid that at this point silliness took over. The first I like because although Jen has not stayed still as instructed, the camera has, and her photograph is crystal clear in this shot!

and very spooky. this is Jen, Sarah and a ghostly legless photographer in the middle!

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

More classy birds

Another Tuesday, another child's half term, another trip to the zoo, another batch of blurry photos, however, I am nothing if not determined, so you get blurry photos and you can like them! Do you remember what I said about pelicans last week? Good that saves me repeating it here!!
Aaah it's been a while since I showed you my penguins! I particularly like the underwater shot!

Hey it's my friend again! This must be a bloke, no self respecting female could be seen in public with a beard that long!

OK this is not such a classy bird, but come on she has a cuuuuuuute baby. You do not want to know how many blurry pix there are in my recycle bin, and yes I know this isn't perfect, but I didn't think you would want to miss out on

Monday, 18 February 2008

Kew Gardens - 17 February 2008

I wanted to see if spring had sprung at Kew, and it had certainly started, there were plenty of daffodils and snowdrops out, the magnolias were in bud, and the first of the crocuses had started to peep through. the crocus carpet seems to be a few weeks away still, plus I need to remember to go a little later in the day next time!

and back into the Princess of Wales' Conservatory. I liked the effect of the cactus photos last year, so decided to try again.. hmmmm, OK I suppose

The Henry Moore Exhibition is into it's last few weeks, and the colour scheme has changed once again! I'll miss the statues when they go, they seem part of Kew now, it won't seem right when they have gone. I love the way they just look part of Kew, and not part of an exhibition.