Wednesday, 29 July 2009

The Eiffel Tower

I love the Eiffel Tower.. I know it's naff and that Pairisiens hate it, especially now it sparkles at night, but I love it .. little grockel that I am.... Not just because it is beautiful... but you get such amazing view wherever you are on it!! . . . It also makes the most dreary office clock look enchanting!

This was the very first photo I took in Paris, as we walked from the hotel to the Tower.. How I remember that walk.. it was the one and only time my feet didn't hurt all weekend!!

This is my view of the very top!!

In this phot you can see our hotel (the lovely Hotel valadon very close to Ecole Militaire and the Eiffel Tower.. Whaddya mean you can't see it???

Come on you just knew there had a be a picture of the shadow somewhere didn't you??

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Paris - Place Pigalle

Poor Aunty Jen, I made her miss an evening cruise on a Bateaux Mouche to see the lights of the Moulin Rouge... The lights are wonderful though and I hope that she enjoyed the sights!! There were slightly more sex shops than I remembered ... not really what you want to see when with your aunt!!

Paris - Around Sacre Coeur

Now I know why this place is called Sacre Coeur, it nearly did me in on both visits.. the first time we foolishly walked all the way up, in the heat of the midday sun (only a beer at the top could revive me!) and the second time the lift was closed at Abbesses Metro and we had to toil up the spiral staircase!!! Just as we arrived at the top, the first lift started again.. D'oh!!

It was impossible to capture these steps during the day as there were SO many people traipsing up and down.. without a thought to my artistic requirements... Therefore I was forced to return at nigth, fight my way through the street vendors, and take a long exposure at night!

This couple not only looked great but sounded fab.... like it says in the case BLISS!

Behind Sacre Coeur is Place Du Theatre, where there are lots of overproced restaurants and art stall... however you can by an exceedingly good pancake... I can vouch for these Crepes au citrons!!

This chap was certainly taking himself seriously, or maybe he thought I was likely to by something!!

Love was in the air!!!

there was quite a crowd at 10pm, and I couldn't work out why, until the Eiffel Tower began to sparkle on the hour.. it was like a firework display as everyone was ooohing and aaahing, in french of course!!

even when shabby Paris looks fab... it doesn't matter how much the paint is peeling, this doorway is still CHIC!!

Friday, 24 July 2009

Paris - Two churches

Sainte Chappelle is a simply staggering building... Hidden away within the City Court complex, you queue for a while to get through pretty stringent security, and then to buy tickets.. and then you enter the most beautiful church building... No longer used for services we were welcome to take flash photography.. but unfortunately we were by no means the only ones!!!

The stained glass windows depict many of the books of the Old Testament, starting with genesis on the right hand side . . . . the photos by no means do the place justice.. and if you need any promting to visit Paris, just look up this place int the guide books and then GO!

and then on to Notre Dame... If we thought St Chappelle was busy then Notre Dame was like sections of the M25... and you know which sections I mean... We had to queue to get in, dodge the ever present beggars and then join the multitudes inside.

This was one of the side chapels...

and finally back in the fresh air.. a wonderful door knocker!

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Worst job in Paris - or even the world???

Spotted these chaps as we whizzed down from the third stage of the Eiffel Tower at top speed. This has to be a contender for worst job in the world.... it made me feel queasy just looking at them....

In black and white it reminds me of the posters of the building of the Empire State Building ..... still scary though

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Paris - Can't even think where to start

Have had a frabjous weekend in Paris with Aunty Jen... and managed to take over 800 photos.. and haven't the first idea on where to start posting them... so am just randomly posting a few I like with a view to being better about this in the next few days

1 - The inevitable reflection of youknow what

2 - Banksy in Paris??
3 - Not Banksy

4 - Awww love in Paris

5 - upkeep of statues isn't what it used to be??

6 - the Metro

7 - A bloke
8 - free hugs

9 - A doorway around Sacre Coeur

and last but not least - this lady makes great crepes