Friday, 31 October 2008

Blackpool Rock

Blackpool at Night

Persuaded Edward to drive us all to see the Blackpool Illuminations.. I have been keen to see Blackpool at night for a long time, ever since I became interested in nighttime photography. I was keen to capyure the lights of the buildings and the movement in the town.. However the evening was a bit disappointing.. for a start it was bitterly cold and the tide was in (how inconsiderste!!!)... and secondly many of the buildings were unlit. Finally there were still massive building works going on on the front, which spoiled any wide angled views. . . . So all in all a bit of a sorry evening. I hope Jen has fared better than me

This was the road into Blackpool . . . .

I have entitled this ' Five go out in Blackpool'

and the Tower and a couple of illuminations!

finally a view of some lights, some rennovations and a Tower . . . .

Swans arriving at Martin Mere

Having been lucky enough to see a very few of these wonderful Whooper Swans in Iceland back in May it was exciting to see them arrivng back at Martin mere after an 8 hr flight from Iceland. Apparantly there is a bit of a credit crunch in Iceland and it meant some of them couldn't afford the fare over here, so there were not many swans back yet... The light was against me, so once again the pictures are poor (but damn I am good with excuses!) and these were the best of a bad bunch . . .

and fairly quickly, they headed off again ready for a night out at a local farm. . .

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

South lakes - Wild Animal Park

Went to the South Parks Wild Animal Park on Tuesday, and met the delightful animals there. I was a little concerned that the enclosures are small and at times the animals looked a little bored. However you can't deny that the big cats look well toned and in peak physical condition, so something must be working.

The lemurs roam free, although it is sad to see them rifling through the bins for swett and lolly wrappers.. I think the park should get on top of their litter problem, pronto.. Think I will be writing to them later!!

This lovely creature was waiting for his tea. . .

and this gentleman, eating his . . .

The lions & tigers had to work for theirs, by climbing 6 metre poles to get their food. . Seems to keep them fit.

and you are allowed to walk in with the penguins.... awwww, but keep your fingers safe.. mine are obviously so pudgy, they mistook 'em for a fish!

Sunday, 26 October 2008

London at Night from the Eye

It's not easy taking pictures of London from the Eye at night... For a start the wheel moves, quite fast when you are taking pictures without flash, the glass is curved, you are not allowed to take tripods onto the Eye (unless you are very sneaky!!) and finally there are lots of other people who don't think that it's all that important to stay out of the way of plump, middle-aged women trying to get the perfect snap.... So there are the excuses, and here are the pictures.....

and back on terra firma .. well almost. this was taken from the Hungerford Bridge.. which moves.. really it does.. that's not just an excuse!

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

A walk along the Southbank

Took two boys to see the Rothko exhibition at the Tate Modern yesterday, and had a lovely stroll there in the autumn sunshine... This man captured my imagination! Decided to take the boys along the Southbank beach.. and boys will be boys!!

and inside the Tate of course it is all modern art, so I felt it was only right that it should be way out photography . . .
This is actually the turbine hall through some coloured plastic sheets that were conveniently placed to make an interesting photograph.. don't laugh but I like this!!
and on the quick march back to Waterloo, I couldn't resist a reflection of Old Blackfriars Bridge mounts with people grimly walking past!

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Dandelion clock

No photos this weekend.. long meetings and then a thumping hangover today.. so a dandelion clock, taken on blue paper.. Can't get it how I would like.. but blame the headache for that!

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Olympics parade - 16 10-08 Trafalgar Square

Decided to take advantage of the warmer weather and head into town to see the parade of Olympians and Para-Olympians - celebrating their success in Beijing. Unfortunately the rest of London seemed to have the same idea, which was good for the parade, not so good for my photographs!! Chris Hoy -triple gold-medallist member of Team GB

Trust the politicians to muscle in on the celebrations. . . . .

Shutter Nutters

Oh what a happy morning!! I have been posting some photos on a very nice and freindly photo forum called shutternutters and this week my photo has been voted picture of the week....Yay!! Thank you shutternutters for voting for me, and also for telling me how to process my picture!!

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Views from a bridge - early morning from Waterloo Bridge

You would think after my late night last night that I deserved a lie in this morning didn't you?? No such luck . . . Thde alarm went off at six and by 6.35 I was shivering on Waterloo bridge. It was pretty dark at that time, but changed pretty quickly..... Previously I have taken pictures at dawn from Hungerford bridge, but Waterloo is much nicer. you just have to cross the road to get a completely different view :-