Thursday, 31 July 2008

My bonkers son

Jamie decided to test my poor cholestrally affected arteries yesterday by leaping of the quay at St Brelade's Bay, 15 feet down to the incoming tide!! Absolutely barking!!!!

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Monday, 28 July 2008

Guess what I taught the boys to do???

The weather was lovely again today, despite the grim forcasts. . . we went to St Ouen's Bay which looked perfect. A five mile beach, golden sand, blue clear water, not many other people and some cracking waves!

So we bought a body board and I showed the boys how to catch a wave. . .

Sunday, 27 July 2008

La Corbiere Lighthouse

Just a brief hello from our holidays. We are staying in some lovely appartments above a restaurant called Corbiere Phare. Would you have guessed that this is next to Corbiere Lighthouse??? This was the view about an hour ago from just outside our appartment.....

Saturday, 26 July 2008

Happy Holidays

It's that time again, we're off on our adventures again. Not quite so adventurous this time, we're currently residents in The Channel Islands. We've had a great day on the beach, although I have to say that beaches are not the greatest for photographs. . . . So here's to happy holidays, and some new blog entries at the end of the week

Sunday, 20 July 2008

London Wetlands.... babies, babies, babies!

Decided to visit the Wetlands for an hour this morning to see the ducklings, and also to practise. I have been feeling very dispirited with photography recently, particularly at the Hawk Conservancy yesterday. I decided to go and just take photos, not to take clever pictures or anything special... I was happier at the end of my hour there, but still feel that there is a very long way to go. . .

The Swans are very possessive of their cygnet so I kept well away....

but caught up with them at the nearby pond. The cygnet is feeding himself well now.. much more grown-up than on my last visit.

I do like mallards, especially the blue-marked ones. .. .

Like I said, there were lots of ducklings . . . .

and an old-favourite was having a bath!!

but not as energetically as this young man!

and I took this back on the way to the carpark!

Hawk Conservancy again

Another Saturday, another trip to the marvellous hawk conservancy in Andover... and a very disappointing set of photographs. . . . This is Cheyenne the fabulous Bald Eagle
and lunchtime with the boys!!

while I tried to keep an eye on those table manners!!

If a puffin is my favourite Icelandic bird, then surely the Barn Owl must be the best British Bird.... Nominations please!!

This wonderful bird is a Great Grey Owl (how original!! I wonder who chose that!!)

Thomas is usually reluctant to try these things..... but he looks pretty happy here...

Friday, 18 July 2008

View from National Portrait Gallery Restaurant

My favourite restaurant in London, at the top of the National Portrait Gallery, delicious food, attentive waiters, sumptious wine and this view. Even though the sky was full of cloud and threatening to rain, I loved it, and would never tire of looking at it. The photos are not great, for once I blame the weather and the thick glass windows!!

Sunday, 13 July 2008

Polo - The London Polo Club - Ham

Went for something new today an afternoon at the London Polo Club in Ham. We watched two games.. the first between Harem Scarem in orange and Avalon in red and the second between Cossacks in red (in the first photo) and Dubai in green. The polo was fairly fast and furious, and if the afternoon was a bit more Jilly Cooper than out and out sport it still gave ample opportunity for photographs. As ever what I imagined I was taking and the final results still have a yawning chasm between them......

anyone interested in going to watch, this is the website.. but watch out, the map on there is as pants as a pants thing!!

Saturday, 12 July 2008

Return to Borough Market

I returned to Borough Market again today in search of some more delicious food. I read recently that Borough Market is to be expanded, to help ease the overcrowding.. It will certainly make it easier to take photographs!! This stilton is delicious, very mature and with a nose to match

Lots f mad people were drinking shots of this wheatgrass.. Without exception they all screwed up their faces and said it was disgusting.. it only seemed to stop one person.. that would be me then!!

Sunday, 6 July 2008

My first Comission!!

Hurray, I have sold two photographs... to two non-family members too!!! Actually when I say I have sold them, I was so happy that someone well two someones... wanted to frame and put one of my photos on their wall that I have 'sold' them for cost. This is the photo.... recognise it??

Grafitti in London

I do like the area on the Southbank where the street artists are allowed to paint whatever they like. I haven't had very much inspiration recently.. been a bit down on my photographs. . . and I have to admit to having to force myself out today with my camera, never a very good premise for taking photographs of note.

and right next door, these boys were jumping, it doesn't look too dramatic actually, but in reality they were jumping over a stairwell, and were risking quite a few bones!

and not really grafitti, or even street ar, but it was raining.. and there were puddles.... sums up mu life that I could only find dirty puddles full of manky leaves!