Tuesday, 30 September 2008


It's an Urban jungle out there

Saturday, 27 September 2008

Foggy London Morning

Woke up this morning to find fog lazily lingering outside. I had a few errands to do before I was free to pick up camera.. and as I arrived at Waterloo station I could feel that the sun was starting to burn through. I was therefore in a race against time.. and we are talking about an overweight, unfit photographer with the last remnants of bronchitis here. All the usual haunts, but with fog thrown in.. Very Claude Monet!

A view of Lambeth Bridge in case you weren't sure!

The fog was lifiting by the time I got back to Hungerford Bridge, and St Paul's was showing.. although the City is still pretty lost in the mist.. a euphemism for the credit crunch perhaps??

Still missing from Waterloo bridge!

But the sun had well and truly broken through now.. so it more of the same old, same old again I am afraid!

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Thames Barrier on Hazy Sunday Morning

While I was in Greenwich it was a mere hop skip and a jump to my old haunt in Charlton to photograph the Thames Barrier, with the Millennium Dome (whoops sorry O2 arena ) and the Docklands in the background. Sadly it really was a hazy Sunday morning. . . .

Sunday, 21 September 2008

A morning in Greenwich

I realised that the wheel in Greenwich was nearing the end of it's run, and as the sun was shining I decided to go over and have a whirl. Unfortunately I have been suffering a chest infection and was a bit high on ventolin, and had handshakes that did not help the photographs in the slightest .

I parked next to the Trafalgar pub in Greenwich where there is a good view of the Millennium Dome (sorry just can't call it the O2 Arena)

One of the Thames Barges passed by, 100 years ago these carried all sorts of goods up the Thames, but now take tourists on trips. They are easily recognisible by the terracotta coloured sails.

The wheel at Greenwich is in the grounds of the Royal Naval College. . . The view was not as wonderful as it could have been as the Cutty Sark is still under wraps, it is not due to re-open until 2010.

I just love taking photos of reflections.. but if you have ever read this blog before you certainly know that by now!!!

and the view of the Naval College from the top of the wheel

Up at the Observatory there is an amazing view of London at your feet . . .

and the Meridian line.. seperating the eastern and western hemisphere starts right here. . .

Panorama from the Observatory in Greenwich

I have finally managed to work out how to stitch together a panorama!! The trouble is it looks a bit diddy on here.. If you would like to see it full size have a look here

Sunday, 14 September 2008

A walk along Waterloo bridge

I know that these photos have often been seen on this blog, but last night was the first time out and about in London town with my camera in a looooong time. I really enjoyed the feel of the city and am itching to go out again!!

and just underneath the bridge this gentleman was playing his didgeree doo! Unfortunately he stopped at this exact second and decided not to restart, so it is a little lacking!

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Sorry no new photos!!

It has been rain, rain, rain, rain, rain, rain and rain... oooh yes plus a little more rain !!!