Sunday, 26 April 2009

Fanzine Sellers

After Camden Lock I went to pick the boys up from the Emirates Stadium and spotted these fanzine sellers.. they looked very different to all the Arsenal supporters and I had the mad notion that they were in fact undercover policemen.. knowing what the police think of me, I did not bother framing the picture very carefully, a quick glance and snap!! and off I scurried as fast as my poor injured feet could take me

Camden Lock Market

Both of the boys went to watch the Arsenal match today and after a few moments wondering what I could do while they were busy inspiration struck. It is now very many years since I last went to Camden Lock and the market.. however not very much has changed.. the place is thriving.. and as mad as ever.. I had a lovely hour browsing and snapping away. My enjoyment was only spoiled when on returning to the tube with sore and blistered feet I discovered that it was closed to incoming passengers and I had to walk on to Mornington Crescent!!
I saw some postes in teh market using this kind of effect.. I think theirs worked better .. I am not sure what I did wrong. . .

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Kemi's Wedding

Today Kemi married Emmanuel in Bellingham in Kent. They were kind enough to invite me.. I thought Kemi looked really stunning, as did all of her guests. I hope they don't mind me posting their pictures on here.. but I loved taking their pictures.. The women looked so stunning... Congratulations Kemi and Emmanuel, I hope you enjoy a long and happy life together!

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

yellow flowers

Mute Swan

During our very long walk on Sunday the unrelenting pain in my legs was diminished for a few minutes by the most beautiful mute Swan, who was showing himself off to us and enjoying his reflection in the canal...

he was enjoying our attention so much he did not want this goose to have any part of it and chased him away!

A walk along the Leeds Liverpool Canal

Following on from my day at Pennington Flash Jen, Sarah, Poppy and I went for a loooong walk along the Leeds Liverpool canal starting at Gathurst Station.. pausing at Crooke for a lager shandy and then walking on towards Wigan looking for a pub to eat lunch. not a pub could we find. As we entered the outskirts of Wigan and could see Wigan Pier in the far distance my feet felt hot and heavy. Still there was a pub at Wigan Pier and my feet will walk anywhere for a pub.. imagine the shock and horror when we discovered the Orrell had been closed down and was boarded up... I thought my feet would explode with disapointment.. but still we trudged on and enjoyed our Easter Sunday family lunch in ...... McDonalds

Monday, 13 April 2009

Pennington Flash Easter Saturday 2009

Decided to drive north over the easter weekend to visit some rellys up North. Left London in the grey drizzle and arrived in Lancashire in the sunshine. It seemed ideal to visit Pennington Flash and see the robins and the bluetits. The robins were far more obliging at posing than the bluetits... and it shows!! ( can you guess at all which are the pictures I liked best??)

and then after we left the Bunting hide we visited the swans on the lake. The mute swans are so beautiful, and they know it... mind you it takes quite some effort!!