Monday, 28 April 2008

Wembley in the rain

Tom had something to do at Wembley arena yesterday and being somewhat an over-protective mother I thought I should accompany him.. what I really hoped was that I would get some lovely sunny shots of Wembley. The last three times I have been there it has been cloudy!! .. Today it was not cloudy.. Oh no... It was pouring... Just my luck. Eventually the rain stopped for long enough for me to have hope of sun.. but alsas no!! I had to make do with puddles instead.. and sploshed back to the tube moodily!

Sunday, 27 April 2008

Royal Albert Hall at night

I have been meaning to take a picture like this for some time, The Royal Albert Hall at night. It is a beautiful building and I love the carvings around the building (near the top!). Not terribly exciting pictures... but I was tired!!

and of course one of Albert and the bus!

Friday, 25 April 2008

Corinthian Casuals V AFC Wimbledon 13 April 2008

On 13th April a match between Corinthian Casuals and AFC Wimbledon was held at Wembley. I was asked to take some photographs for the programme, and was very excited to see them in print!! They are the photographs on page 51 and 53 (not the team photo!!). My first assignment and my pictures in print for a crowd of 5,500!! Yay!! By the way for the record Corinthian Casuals lost 8-1

Sunday, 20 April 2008

WWT- London 20th April

Another quick Sunday visit to the Wetlands... I was wondering if I would be barred after my complaints last week, but they obviously decided to forgive me.. The Wetlands was much livelier today. Mallards were racing around in amorous pursuit of their mates, moorhens were building nests and swans were.. well I'm not sure what the swans were doing!!

My old favourites the Stifftails.. I guess picture 2 explains the name!

The black swans were in a strange mood today.. I couldn't quite work out if they were mating or just having an extravagant bathing session. They were splashing away and occasionally racing around their enclosure, woe betide anyone getting too close!!

This particular duck was scurrying around in a frenzy trying to escape her amorous mate.. I did not see until I uploaded the photos that she had obviously been rather visciously mated with earlier.. The ducks are not gentle in the love-making department... usually biting the top of the female's head to hold them under the water while they have their wicked way. This poor lady is certainly likely to have Post Natal depression given the trauma she has suffered at the conception!

and this is her ardent suitor... Shame on you sir.....

Oh yes.. and there was a robin!!

Thursday, 17 April 2008

St Paul's at Night - Faces of Southwark

I entered this photograph in the Snapping Southwark competition, and this evening I took the boys to Dulwich Picture Gallery were it was on display. Quite amazing really, my photograph, in amongst many more talented photographers.. and then in the next rooms, a Renoir, a Jackson Pollock, a Whistler... oooh the list could go on... The standard of other photographs was very high, so it was lovely to be included. You may well be thinking at this exact moment that St Pauls is NOT in Southwark... and no it's not.. but the photograph WAS taken in Southwark!!

Sunday, 13 April 2008

London Wetlands 13.4.08

A frustrating morning at The London Wetlands today. I cannot haelp but feel that the London Centre is the poor relation of WWT Centres around. The grounds are very beautiful and an oasis in the middle of a busy city. However you can't help but feel that compared to other centres such as Martin Mere these wonderful grounds are pretty empty. Today there were few birds about, and most looked bored in fairly stagnant ponds. The bushes have been well cut back so whereas last year you could often spy eggs on a nest, this year it looks like there will be few chicks. Hmmm we will wait and see. It does seem to me that London WWT has spent a lot of money on erecting very nice playgrounds there, and not much more. Even the sheep are safely hidden away in the staff quarters....
There are however plenty of mallards flying around.

There were one or two moorhen chicks around, looking pretty independent already.. although you do have to agree that pretty they are not!

Appropriate on London Marathon day that there was one Coscoroba Swan doing his aerobic exercise... One . . . two. . . three.... feel the burn!

These two teals were very touchy feely . . . . . and both male at that.. Ah well whatever makes them happy!

Whereas this Whitefaced Whistling Duck only had eyes for himself!!

Hurrah I found my usual bully-bird the Magpie Geese safely behind a fence. they had a good go at getting me, but to no avail!
and as I was leaving trying to beat the rain, I couldn't miss this pretty red-billed whistling duck

Saturday, 12 April 2008

Albert Bridge

I seem to be busily working my way through the London Bridges now.. but there can be few prettier than Albert Bridge, especially at night

Clapham Common FAIR

As I was driving along last night I saw there was a fair on Clapham Common. . . It was about to close, so I didn't go in, just snapped these from outside the car. This was taken from the far side of the pond. . . The carousel just starting up!
I think this was some sort of Tornado. . . . The G-Force looked a bit strong for me!!

and this is the same ride when at full speed!

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Chessington World of Adventures 4 April 2008

Last day of the School Easter Holidays ( well for Tom, Jamie still has a week to go) and their choice was Chessington World of Adventures. The forcast was cold weather, but actually we had a lovely spring day... Thomas and Jamie discussing amicably (yeah right!!) who should drive the dodgem!
The sea lions at Chessington have worse teeth than me!!

The boys on the log flume. Luckily I had my camera with me, it made the perfect excuse not to get soaked on the log flume.. can't get the camera damp now can I??

Awww I felt so sad that the boys are too old for the flying dumbos, I nearly had to kidnap some poor six year old and wrestle them into a pink elephant... but figured I really ought to calm down and think about getting a life?!?

The Vampire ride is always our first stop, and last before lunch, and first after lunch, oh yes and last before we go home.....

Can you spot Thomas (about to get wet) on the Chair Swing?

Jamie on the bunjee trampoline.... How he could look like he was having fun I don't understand... it looked exhausting!