Saturday, 14 November 2009

Magnificent Malta

Oh my poor neglected blog, I have been a bad owner. I had a difficult summer, which culminated in a very bad back for a lot longer than I would have liked. Anyway we had a wonderful week in Malta in October and it was a dream to photograph - even my paltry attempts look pretty nice - everyone should visit - it is one of the most beautiful places in Europe

Not our hotel - but pretty reminiscent of many of the Maltese buildings

The buses are the BEST in teh world - they look cool, they turn up every few minutes, they drive at speed, and will take you miles for 50p

Maltese food seems a lot about octopus and rabbit - neither of which was overly appealing, but I still had to take a photo

we visited Malta 8 years ago, and stayed in Xemxia near St Paul's bay. The hotel was lovely but has now been closed down and it was sad to see it a building site. St Paul's Bay has been built up a lot since our visit, really I just took this photo to show Jen and Edward how it looks today

Two views from our hotel balcony

My lovely boys at the Citadel in Gozo

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Lady Banana said...

What a beautifully photogenic place to visit, lovely shots!